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5 Ways Extrude Hone AFM Can Help With Abrasive Flow Machining Services

5 Ways Extrude Hone AFM Can Help With Abrasive Flow Machining Services

Extrude honing, also known as abrasive flow machining, is a process that is used to smooth, polish, and/or deburr surfaces. Though the technology has only been around for a few decades, it has become increasingly popular. Today, abrasive flow machining is utilized in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, food processing, medical, and more! If you are wondering just how extrude honing services help in different industries, keep reading!

1. Aerospace Manufacturing

Aerospace manufacturing has become so precise and extrude honing can help aerospace manufacturers meet stringent specs. Aerospace manufacturers can utilize extrude honing for improving airfoil surface conditions on compressor and turbine components, edge finishing of holes and attachment features, removal of thermal recast layers, finishing accessory parts like fuel spray nozzles, and reworking components to remove carbon and coke deposits.

2. Automotive Cylinder Deburring

Abrasive flow machining is also utilized in the automotive industry as a way to deburr cylinders and improve airflow in the engine. In addition, extrude honing can also be linked to an increase in horsepower in some engines. That is because the abrasive flow machining process can boost the flow rates in the engine allowing for more complete and effective combustion.

3. EDM Recast Removal  

After EDM processing, there is often a recast layer. With abrasive flow machining, this layer can be removed. In fact, by using extrude honing, you can actually polish a 1-micron surface down to just 0.1 microns without changing the shape of the component!

4. Food Processing   

Food processing is another industry that utilizes abrasive flow machining in its operations. It is essential to keep components that come into contact with food clean and sanitary. By using abrasive flow machining, microscopic burrs and other residue can easily be removed to ensure a clean and smooth surface. It can also help ensure that there are no tiny cavities for food to get stuck in and gunk up the machine over time.

5. Medical Cannula Surface Finishing  

Abrasive flow machining is an extremely precise process. This makes it ideal for sensitive medical components like cannulas. Would you want a needle that hasn’t been properly polished and sanitized being inserted into your vein? Well, with abrasive flow machining from Extrude Hone AFM, you don’t have to worry about that!

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