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Extrude Hone’s AFM Tooling 	Extrude Hone AFM is all about providing excellent extrude honing services to our clients located throughout the US. We’ve been serving companies in many different industries for over 53 years, and we look forward to many more successful years of service.

One aspect of Extrude Hone AFM that we’d like to highlight on this blog is our AFM tooling. We can confidently say that we definitely have the right AFM tooling to direct abrasion to your specs. The tooling is so essential to effectively implement the extrude honing process. Each tool is a holding fixture that does 3 fundamental things:

  1. Holds and supports the workplace while it’s going through the Extrude Hone AFM process
  2. Directs the flow of abrasive media to the area of the workpiece that needs to be extrude honed
  3. Protects other areas of the workpiece where no abrasive flow is needed

In other words, the tooling protects and contains the process as extrude honing is accomplished on the workpiece. In almost all instances, the area of the workpiece that needs to be extrude honed is set up by our expert technicians to make sure the tooling provides a pressure restriction for the abrasive flow to remove the required material.

AFM tooling setup

Our expert technicians meticulously set up the AFM tooling in a specific, precise way for each extruding honing application. The position of the AFM tooling used in each project is set up in a way that facilitates precise, repeatable abrasion, so you can always count on your workpiece to be extrude honed the exact same way every time you send it to Extrude Hone AFM to go through our unique process.

Industries we serve

So many companies in various industries depend on Extrude Hone AFM to make their machinery work as effectively as possible. For example:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Food processing
  • Hydraulics
  • Medical
  • Semi conductors manufacturing
  • Turbines and pumps manufacturing

Got questions?

If you’re not sure what we’re talking about in this blog about our AFM tooling, or you’d just like more detailed information and explanations, don’t hesitate to contact Extrude Hone AFM today. We’re always available to discuss our unique processes with all our potential clients, so pick up the phone or shoot us an email today!

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