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How the Hydraulics Industry Can Benefit From Abrasive Flow Machining

How the Hydraulics Industry Can Benefit From Abrasive Flow Machining

Did you know that extrude honing and abrasive flow machining can help the hydraulics industry? You might not care until you realize how important the hydraulic industry is for everyday life.

The Hydraulics Industry is Essential for Everyday Life

You might not realize this, but the hydraulics industry is essential for everyday life. With hydraulics involved in food manufacturing and farming, it means that you can eat. With hydraulics involved in vehicles, it means that you can drive to see family, go to work, and even run errands. Hydraulics are also used in factories that manufacture clothing and many other goods that you use in your everyday life. Plus, hydraulics are also used in the aerospace industry so you can thank them for allowing air travel across the country and globe! Ever been to an amusement park? Hydraulics also power the rides that you’ll find at Six Flags, Disney, and even small carnivals!

How Can Abrasive Flow Machining Help the Hydraulics Industry

Now that you know how essential the hydraulics industry is, it’s time to learn how extrude honing can help the industry out. If you haven’t noticed from the list above, hydraulics are very intricate. The passages where the fluids in hydraulic systems flow through are very complex and intricate, making them nearly or downright impossible to polish and deburr by hand. That’s where abrasive flow machining comes into the picture. With extrude honing or abrasive flow machining, small burrs inside the hydraulic components are removed, making operation more efficient and reducing the risk of hydraulic failure.

We Offer Abrasive Flow Machining Customization for Hydraulic Components

If you operate in the hydraulics industry and are interested in getting your components polished or deburred, you’re in luck! At Extrude Hone AFM, we have vast experience working with hydraulic components. From hydraulic manifolds to cylinders, we can do it all. And, our process is one hundred percent customizable so you can rest assured that we will achieve the exact result that you need for your hydraulic equipment to operate efficiently.

If you need help with AFM for your hydraulic components, contact Extrude Hone AFM today for a quote!

If you are looking for help with your hydraulic components and would like to utilize abrasive flow machining to smooth surfaces or radius them, Extrude Hone AFM can help! We have over 49 years of experience with extrude honing and would be happy to provide you a quote for your project. We know how important meeting tight tolerances is for our hydraulic clients and you can rest assured that we’ll utilize custom mediums to get the results that you need. Give us a call today at (562) 531-2976 to get started!

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