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Abrasive Flow Deburring in Charlotte NC

Our abrasive flow deburring in Charlotte NC can finish metal parts to the most exacting standards

No matter what type of manufacturing process is used to fabricate a metal part, the results will not be perfect. Instead, tiny, jagged burrs will be left behind somewhere on the part. When it comes to removing these imperfections, the traditional methods of manual deburring and electrochemical deburring often leave a lot to be desired--especially if you need a highly precise result. The good news is, you’ve found a better alternative at Extrude Hone AFM. We can provide abrasive flow deburring in Charlotte NC to:

  • Reach any internal or external edge, slot, hole, or passage with a non-reactive media
  • Handle cross-drilled and intersecting holes with ease
  • Work on any type of metal such as titanium, Iconel, aluminum, copper, bronze, etc.
  • Perform roughing and finishing in the same pass
  • Remove material uniformly without altering the geometry of the part

How does abrasive flow deburring achieve all this?

Abrasive Flow Deburring in Charlotte NCAbrasive flow deburring in Charlotte NC is kind of like using liquid sandpaper. We load a polymer media with abrasive grit and then use a specially made “tool” or holder to direct the flow of this material to the specific passages or surfaces needing attention. As we force the material through the workpiece using a hydraulic ram, it makes contact with every millimeter of the surface to be deburred, resulting in very uniform removal of material. The rate at which metal is removed from the workpiece depends on:

  • Type of metal
  • Media viscosity
  • Abrasive particle size and concentration
  • Media flow rate, pressure, and temperature

Now you might wonder…

What are some ideal applications for abrasive flow deburring in Charlotte NC?

Abrasive Flow Deburring in Charlotte NCAbrasive Flow Deburring in Charlotte NCWell, due to the highly customizable nature of the process, which can be controlled to aggressively remove material or deliver the finest surface honing, the potential applications of abrasive flow deburring in Charlotte NC are virtually infinite. But there are some industries where it is used more often. For example, Extrude Hone AFM frequently does work for:

  • Aerospace: The abrasive flow deburring process was actually invented for the aerospace industry. At Extrude Hone AFM, we continue to provide abrasive flow deburring in Charlotte NC up to the extremely high standards and tight tolerances required for aerospace applications.
  • Automotive Engines: Extrude Hone AFM pioneered the process of abrasive flow deburring for automotive engines. By uniformly smoothing and polishing the interior passages of parts like intake manifolds, abrasive flow deburring in Charlotte NC can increase air and fuel flow through the engine, thus increasing horsepower, thrust, torque, and efficiency.
  • Food Processing Equipment: There are two main problems that burrs present in equipment used to process food: contamination from bacteria trapped on and around the rough burrs, and contamination from the burrs themselves breaking off and mixing with the food product. Finishing your parts with our Ultra Pure deburring process makes it easier to put out a safer product.

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