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Honed Out Motorsports in New York NY

Experience the enhanced performance of honed out motorsports in New York NY

About 30 years ago,Extrude Hone pioneered a process for improving performance in automotive engines. We are consistently at the forefront of our field, delivering superior performance enhancements for honed out motorsports in New York NY. We can service parts for the following kinds of race car, muscle car, motorcycle, and high-performance truck engines:

  • 2-stroke, 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 cylinders
  • Hemis
  • Diesels
  • Turbos
  • Aluminum
  • Cast iron

How Our Process Works

Honed out motorsports in New York NY involves honing or polishing the interior passages of various engine parts to make them flow better. Extrude Hone’s abrasive flow machining process is ideal for giving this result. Unlike hand honing, it can reach deep into every twist of every passage in a given part and remove a consistent and controllable amount of material for a smooth finish.

You can rely on our experienced technicians to customize the process to your exact needs. This will involve choosing the right tool (to hold your part and direct the abrasive flow), grit (to polish the metal), polymer media (to transport the grit), and pressure (to force the media through your part). Our abrasive flow media is specifically designed to flow without clogging, separating, or breaking down even after continuous cycling, so you can expect high-precision results that are consistent throughout the part.

Benefits of a Honed Out Intake Manifold

AFM ProcessHoning any part of an internal combustion engine will help increase fuel and air flow. However, the key part to address for honed out motorsports in New York NY is the intake manifold. After the intake manifold has been honed, flow capacity will increase about 25 percent. With better volumetric efficiency in the intake manifold, fuel will burn better, the cylinder will be more completely evacuated, and you’ll get a stronger measure of fuel and air for the next ignition. This results in:

  • Increased horsepower
  • More thrust
  • More torque
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Reduced emissions

What About the Exhaust Manifold?

Exhaust manifolds can certainly be honed. This is often necessary for situations where adding a header is not allowed due to race rules, not practical due to lack of available aftermarket parts, or not desirable due to concerns about authenticity.

Get the Best Services for Honed Out Motorsports in New York NY

Extrude Hone is your go-to provider for services for honed out motorsports in New York NY. We have thousands of pounds of abrasive media on hand so we are ready for your custom project.Call us at (562) 531-2976 now to learn more about our process or to get a free quote.