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What Are The Benefits of Abrasive Flow Machining for Automotive Components?

What Are The Benefits of Abrasive Flow Machining for Automotive Components?

Are you considering utilizing abrasive flow machining in your automotive manufacturing process? If so, it’s important to understand the benefits of abrasive flow machining for automotive components. They far outweigh the cost.

The Basics of Automotive AFM

Abrasive flow machining was invented back in the 1970s. It is great for clearing out irregularities in manufacturer parts and polishing surfaces. As far as automotive components, abrasive flow machining is often used in intake manifolds because it can make the biggest difference here.

What are the benefits of abrasive flow machining for automotive components?

If you are looking to utilize abrasive flow machining, it is important to know all of the benefits that await you, including:

  1. Improved Fuel Efficiency:
  2. The more fuel-efficient that you can make a vehicle, the better. That’s because no one wants to spend more money on fuel when some abrasive flow machining can lead to better fuel efficiency. By improving combustion in the engine, abrasive flow machining for automotives can ensure more fuel is used by the engine and less is wasted. That means more money is left over in your wallet when you leave the pump.  
  3. Improved Performance:
  4. You always want a vehicle to perform the best it can. With abrasive flow machining, you can achieve better performance. With abrasive flow machining, you can improve airflow and fuel flow. This means better combustion in the engine and higher volumetric efficiency. The benefits with the more free-flowing exhaust are that the cylinder can be evacuated more quickly, making room for more fuel and air at the next ignition. With abrasive flow machining for your automotive components, you can increase horsepower, thrust, and torque.     
  5. Cleaner Exhaust Emissions:
  6. Reducing emissions is key, especially in today’s climate. When it comes to reducing emissions from combustion engines, abrasive flow machining can help. Abrasive flow machining improves combustion and fuel efficiency, which naturally reduces emissions. In a strict regulatory environment that enforces strict emission restrictions, using abrasive flow machining to reduce your exhaust emissions can be essential.

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