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What Industries Utilize Abrasive Flow Machining?

What Industries Utilize Abrasive Flow Machining?

Abrasive flow machining is a finishing process that is utilized by a variety of industries because of the superb results that it can achieve.

What is abrasive flow machining?

Abrasive flow machining, also known as extrude honing or abrasive flow deburring, is a process that is used to finished interior and hard to reach surfaces and compartments. The process was developed in the 1960s and involves utilizing hydraulic pressure to push an abrasive laden substance through a workpiece. This substance often has the consistency of gritty putty and as it moves through the workpiece, it smooths the rough surfaces. As a result, the workpiece receives a polished and deburred surface.

What industries utilize abrasive flow machining?

There are many industries that utilize abrasive flow machining. These industries include:

  • Additive Manufacturing: Surface finish improvements of critical passageways for prototypes & production parts
  • Aerospace: AFM to meet today’s stringent aerospace manufacturing specifications.
  • Automotive: AFM has been proven to increase the flow of fuel and air through engines to enhance performance and increase horsepower
  • Dies, Molds & Gears: Abrasive flow machining has revolutionized the way precision dies are finished
  • EDM Recast Removal: Ability to remove EDM recast layer from molds, dies and other parts that are machined through this method
  • Food Processing: Our Ultra Pure Process ensures that surfaces are pure and free of any microscopic burrs or cavities that often cause contamination
  • Hydraulics: AFM can reach the most intricate and intertwined flow passages in hydraulic components to ensure a smooth transition of fluids throughout the system
  • Medical: Polishing, deburring, and radiusing sharp edges contributes to a smoother, less destructive introduction of medical equipment into the human body while also decreasing the risk of bacterial contamination
  • Turbines & Pumps: When it comes to improving the efficiency and capabilities of a centrifugal pump, the surface finish of the turbine, impeller, and housing is critical

Our AFM process is completely customizable.

At Extrude Hone AFM, so many industries can utilize our process because it is entirely customizable. We can change everything from the pressure that an abrasive laden substance is pushed through the workpiece with to the abrasiveness of the substance to create results that meet our client’s specifications.

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