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How the Hydraulics Industry Can Benefit From Abrasive Flow Machining

Did you know that extrude honing and abrasive flow machining can help the hydraulics industry? You might not care until you realize how important the hydraulic industry is for everyday life. The Hydraulics Industry is Essential for Everyday Life You might not realize this, but the hydraulics industry is essential for everyday life. With hydraulics…
May 16, 2020
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Extrude Hone AFM: Our Customized AFM Media

Extrude honing is a great process that can smooth surfaces and deburr workpieces that would otherwise be hard to complete by hand. At Extrude Hone AFM, we offer a variety of media to ensure that you get the finished product that you want. Wondering how our media profiles can work for you? Keep reading to…
April 28, 2020
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How Does the Extrude Honing Process Work?

Many people have no idea what abrasive flow machining is and what we do at Extrude Hone AFM. Wondering how the extrude honing and abrasive flow machining process works? Keep reading to learn more! What is abrasive flow machining? The first question you probably have is what abrasive flow machining actually is. Well, simply put,…
April 14, 2020
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What Are The Benefits of Abrasive Flow Machining for Automotive Components?

Are you considering utilizing abrasive flow machining in your automotive manufacturing process? If so, it’s important to understand the benefits of abrasive flow machining for automotive components. They far outweigh the cost. The Basics of Automotive AFM Abrasive flow machining was invented back in the 1970s. It is great for clearing out irregularities in manufacturer parts…
March 25, 2020
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Extrude Honing for Surface Finishing

At Extrude Hone AFM, we provide quality and reliable extrude honing services. That includes surface finishing. Countless clients across the country in various industries count on Extrude Hone AFM for our quality and reliable surface finishing services. These are critical for any passageway that needs to perform efficiently or components that cannot tear the products…
March 13, 2020
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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Extrude Honing

Extrude Hone AFM offers quality and reliable abrasive flow machining and extrude honing services across the country. Extrude honing is a process used by many industries and we’ve been helping countless clients since 1971. Do you know what extrude honing and abrasive flow machining is all about? Keep reading for answers to frequently asked questions…
February 25, 2020
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How Can Extrude Honing Help Your Business Thrive?

At Extrude Hone AFM, we have over 49 years of experience in the abrasive flow machining industry. We have helped pioneer extrude honing into a variety of industries and would be happy to help your company as well. Keep reading for four ways that extrude honing helps a variety of industries excel! Improve surface finishing…
February 11, 2020
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Extrude Hone AFM Can Make Surgery Safer!

If you work in the surgical field, you should contact Extrude Hone AFM to make your surgeries safer! Aren’t sure how Extrude Hone AFM can help? Keep reading to learn more! Surgical Operations Made More Precise with Extrude Hone AFM With the help of Extrude Hone AFM, you can actually make your surgical procedures more…
January 31, 2020
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What Services Does Extrude Hone AFM Offer?

Are you interested in learning more about the abrasive flow machining services that we offer at Extrude Hone AFM? Keep reading to learn more! AFM Process At Extrude Hone AFM, our AFM Process is one of the best in the country. During our AFM process, we push abrasive media through your workpiece, performing what is…
January 17, 2020
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Is Getting a New Extrude Honing Partner New Year’s Resolution This Year?

Is your New Year’s resolution to find a new extrude honing partner in 2020? Extrude Hone AFM is a partner you can trust! What are the benefits of extrude honing? There are many benefits to extrude honing. Some of them include increasing flow through your parts, which in the case of automobiles, can actually increase…
December 26, 2019
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