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Our Ultra Pure AFM process has helped hundreds of companies improve food safety in their manufacturing processes.

When it comes to food processing, obviously it is essential to keep all parts of the machinery that come into contact with food clean and sanitary. The microscopic burrs or cavities often found in manufactured parts present a huge challenge in this area.

Even the tiniest burrs will tear instead of cut whatever passes through the equipment, and eventually these burrs may break off into whatever food is processing at the time. Negative cavities can trap food particles and keep them inside the machinery long enough to possibly spoil and contaminate future batches, or at the very least compromise the quality of the product. Bacterial contamination on rough interior passages is also a concern.

Fortunately, Extrude Hone AFM has solutions designed specifically for use the in the food processing industry. We call it our Ultra Pure process. Hundreds of companies have used our Ultra Pure process to polish away burrs and cavities in food processing machinery components and substantially reduce or even eliminate the possibility of contamination.

Your Equipment Can Be Ultra Pure Too

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