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Our precision processes can meet even the most stringent aerospace manufacturing specs.

Extrude Hone AFM was originally invented for deburring and finishing critical aircraft hydraulic and fuel system components. Today, aerospace manufacturing specifications require more parts to be abrasive flow machined than ever before. We commonly provide AFM services for:

  • Improving airfoil surface conditions on compressor and turbine section components following profile milling, casting, EDM, or ECM operations
  • Edge finishing of holes and attachment features to improve the mechanical fatigue strength of blades, disks, hubs, and shafts with controlled, polished true radius edges
  • Precisely removing thermal recast layers left by laser or EDM operations
  • Adjusting air flow resistance of blades, vanes, combustion liners, nozzles, and diffusers
  • Finishing accessory parts, such as fuel spray nozzles, fuel control bodies, and bearing components
  • Reworking components to remove coke and carbon deposits, improve surface integrity, or enhance eddy current readings

Sample Benefits of AFM for Aerospace

Investment cast airfoil surfaces use AFM for uniform polishing even in inaccessible areas. The surface finish on the cast blades is improved from an original 70 micro inch finish to a 16 micro inch (ra). The process is also used to remove milling machine marks and improve finishes on the complex airfoil profiles of impellers, blades, and stator vanes.

Precise, polished edge radii on the attachment features of disks and blades provide increased fatigue strength. Cooling air holes are deburred and radiused in one operation on turbine disks. Absolute removal of thermal machining recast after EDM or laser machining can significantly improve the fatigue strength and life of highly stressed components.

Additionally, the material removed from the blades and resulting surface improvement on the faces of the blades will tend to enable more balanced flow capability, along with the added flow capacity, especially at high rpm.

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