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Abrasive Flow Machining Process

Our AFM process is highly precise, making it ideal for finishing sensitive medical components.

The polishing and deburring capabilities available for use in commercial and aerospace applications lend themselves well to manufacturing operations in the surgical field.

The two main benefits of using AFM to finish medical components are:

  • Deburring and radiusing sharp edges contribute to a much smoother, less destructive introduction into the human body where tissues could otherwise be damaged by sharp edges and the like.
  • The surface improvement achieved by polishing provides a finished surface that resists bacterial contamination by eliminating the surface negatives commonly inherent on most machined surfaces.

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"Extrude Honing forces abrasive material through metal passages via hydraulic pressure. As the particles are pushed through the intake manifold via hydraulic pressure they begin sanding or grinding away at build up and smoothing imperfections."