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Extrude Hone AFM Has The Best Internal Deburring in Orange CA

Are you interested in affordable and quality internal deburring in Orange CA? If you need internal deburring, Extrude Hone AFM is the company to call. We have been offering these services in Orange CA and beyond for 53 years and would be happy to assist you as well. Not sure how we can help you? Keep reading to learn more about internal deburring in Orange CA and how Extrude Hone AFM can help.

Why do you need to remove internal burrs?

Are you wondering why people need to remove internal burrs from their components. The simple answer is that burrs cause many issues. Internal burrs can:

  • Detract from the optimal performance by changing how materials flow through the part
  • Contribute to mechanical fatigue
  • Break off and cause foreign object damage in the system
  • Tear skin and tissue in the case of a medical component
  • Harbor bacteria that could compromise a food processing application

If you are looking to reduce the issues that internal burrs can cause, Extrude Hone AFM is here to help. Contact us for internal deburring in Orange CA.

How does Extrude Hone AFM control what is removed during the internal deburring process?

The internal deburring process needs to be customized to ensure that the desired results are achieved. At Extrude Hone AFM, we control the amount of material removed by controlling the following:

  • Media flow rate or speed of each pass or cycle
  • Media carrier viscosity: high, medium, low, or different combinations of 2 will change the characteristics of the media's effectiveness on different materials and hole sizes
  • Abrasive particle size: ranging from a fine powder-like 1000-grit to 8-grit comparable to small rocks or gravel
  • Abrasive concentration per pound of media

If you need help with internal deburring in Orange CA, reach out to our experienced team.

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If you are interested in internal deburring in Orange CA, Extrude Hone AFM is the place to call. Since 1971, we have been offering the best internal deburring services in Orange CA and beyond. We are happy to assist you no matter how complex your request is. We work with all industries and even provide free quotes so you know exactly what your cost will be. Don’t let internal burrs cause issues with your components, contact us for affordable and quality internal deburring in Orange CA. Give us a call today at (562) 531-2976 to learn more, obtain a quote, or request service!

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