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Extrude Hone is Proud of Our HistoryExtrude Hone AFM has been serving Southern California and the entire US for over 53 year. Its special abrasive flow machining (AFM) process makes a huge difference for components, making them more fuel efficient, enhancing their performance, and boosting their durability, too. Here are a few of the industries that benefit from our AFM process:

Additive MFG

This new technology is gaining popularity and importance as a result of the emergence of 3D printing of metals. Within the last decade, Extrude Hone AFM has been on the cutting edge of this development, assisting many companies with the surface finish improvements of critical passageways for their prototypes and production parts. AFM is the perfect process for this new industry because it can be tailored to reach even the smallest recesses, slots, vanes, and passageways. 3D printing is an innovative, exciting new field that brings with it plenty of fun challenges. Call (562) 531-2976 to discuss your additive MFG project with the AFM experts at Extrude Hone AFM and get a quote.

Food Processing

What’s more important than the quality and safety of our food? The Extrude Hone AFM process is essential to make sure all parts of food processing machinery are kept clean and sanitary. The microscopic burrs or cavities often found in manufactured parts must be taken care of properly to avoid contamination. Thankfully Extrude Hone AFM has served the food processing industry for many years. We’ve crafted solutions that specifically address the challenges of the food processing industry that polish away burrs and cavities in food processing machinery components, substantially reducing or potentially even completely eliminating the possibility of contamination.


Perhaps on par with food processing, or maybe even more important, is the medical industry. The AFM process is ideal for the medical industry because the deburring and radiusing of sharp edges makes a much more smooth, less destructive introduction into the human body. Without extrude honing, tissues will be much more likely to be damaged by sharp edges. Not only that, but the AFM process also provides a finished surface that resists bacterial contamination by eliminating the surface negatives frequently found on more machined surfaces.

Learn more about Extrude Hone AFM and the AFM process today by continuing to read this blog and viewing industry-specific videos on our website. Also feel free to give us a call at (562) 531-2976 to speak with us about your AFM needs and receive a quote right away.