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Extrude Honing and Aerospace Operations

Extrude Honing and Aerospace Operations

Extrude honing is a process that involves pushing an abrasive-laden material through a small compartment or component. It is intended to deburr and smooth surfaces that are not possible to manually polish. With extrude honing, small components from automobiles and other machinery are able to be polished, deburred, and cleaned. Extrude honing, also known as abrasive flow machining, is now utilized across a variety of industries. One of these industries is the aerospace industry. Are you wondering just how extrude honing is utilized in the aerospace industry? Keep reading to find out more!

Extrude Honing is Utilized in Aerospace Operations

Did you know that extrude honing was actually originally invented as a way to deburr and finish critical aircraft fuel and hydraulic system components? With tightening regulations and advanced aerospace technology, these days, even more components in the aerospace manufacturing process need to be extrude honed. Some services that Extrude Hone AFM provides to aerospace manufacturers are:

  • Edge finishing of holes and attachment features to improve the mechanical strength of hubs, disks, blades, and shafts
  • Improved airfoil surface conditions on compressor and turbine components after milling, casting, and EDM/ECM processes
  • Rework components to remove carbon deposits and coke to improve surface integrity and eddy current readings
  • Finish and polish accessory parts like fuel control bodies, bearings, and fuel spray nozzles
  • Remove thermal recast layers resulting from laser or EDM processes
  • Adjust flow resistance of blades, diffusers, nozzles, and combustion liners

Precision Process Meets Strict Manufacturing Specs

By utilizing Extrude Hone AFM, you can rest assured that our precision process can meet even the most stringent of aerospace manufacturing specifications. We’ve been in business since 1971, and there is no job that is too big or too small for our vastly experienced team.

What are the benefits of using abrasive flow machining in aerospace manufacturing?

So, how can extrude honing benefit the aerospace industry? Well, investment cast airfoil surfaces can utilize abrasive flow machining to uniformly polish interior surfaces that are otherwise inaccessible. It can also be used to remove milling machine marks or laser marks to create a smoother surface than would otherwise be possible.

In addition, abrasive flow machining can achieve polished, precise edge radii on attachment disks and blades. This increases their fatigue strength and enhances the overall system. Cooling air holes can also be deburred and radiused in a single operation to improve efficiency.

Finally, by utilizing extrude honing, the material removed from blades can result in surface improvements that allow for better flow capacity that is more balanced, as well as increased flow capacity.

If you are looking to utilize extrude honing in your aerospace process, contact Extrude Hone AFM for a free quote today!

If you are interested in learning more about how Extrude Hone AFM can help your aerospace manufacturing process, contact us today at (562) 531-2976. We offer free quotes and would be happy to help you enhance the operational performance of your components!