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Extrude Honing Services in Denver, CO

 Extrude Honing Services in Denver, CO

Denver, CO, is an incredibly important city on the western side of the United States. Many people flock to Denver because of its close proximity to the gorgeous Rocky Mountains, booming economy, and hot arts scene. Whether you’ve lived in Denver for many years or you’re a recent transplant, there’s so much to love about living in Denver.

Perhaps you own a business in Denver, or you work for one, that requires metal machined parts. If that’s the case, then you need to send the most essential components to Extrude Hone AFM to undergo our patented process. You’ll notice a dramatic improvement in the performance of your machinery after sending them to Extrude Hone AFM.

How does it work?

Our patented process works for all machined parts of all kinds. Our patented process is customized to achieve unique results in every application. During extrude honing, media is forced through every passage of a component to surface finish and polish the inside, even in the hardest-to-reach areas down to the microscopic level. Using a holding tool to direct the flow exactly where it is needed and a hydraulic ram to pressurize the polymer media so it contacts all the surfaces at once and removes material evenly.

Our patented process accomplishes the following objectives in every application:

  • Reaches any internal or external surface with a chemically inactive media
  • Handles complex arrays of cross-drilled and intersecting holes with ease
  • Can be applied to any metal from the hardest super alloys to soft aluminum or copper
  • Provides roughing and finishing in the same pass
  • Delivers highly precise and repeatable results for each application

To customize the results of each application, we adjust the following variables:

  • Media viscosity
  • Abrasive particle size and concentration
  • Media flow rate, pressure, and temperature

Industries we serve in Denver, CO

Our unique deburring and polishing process is ideal for all kinds of machined metal parts. Internal passages, slots, and holes will be smoothed during the extrude hone process. We serve many industries throughout the US including right here in Denver, CO, including:


We first formulated our patented process to serve the aerospace industry. It requires tremendous precision and close attention to detail. The geometry of your part will never be altered during or after the extrude honing process, and your part will perform so much better once our experts are done with it.


Reduce turbulence and increase flow up to 25% with our extrude honing services. Make air and fuel flow through your automotive engine more efficiently when the manifold and other key components have been extrude honed.

Food processing

If your key components haven’t been extrude honed, then you may be producing contaminated food. Rough surfaces can trap bacteria and lead to contamination. Our deburring process is called Ultra Pure – it’s been specially designed to meet the strict standards and premium needs of the food processing industry.

Serving Denver, CO

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