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FAQ – Aerospace

Does Extrude Hone adhere to military specs?

Extrude Hone is compliant the Mil-I-45208A, and its successor, AS9003

My company makes a fuel/air nozzle with a lot of flow holes drilled around the side walls.  They flow inconsistently.  Can Extrude Hone make them flow evenly?

Yes, it can.  By flowing all the flow holes at once, they would receive hydraulic pressure and abrasive flow simultaneously from a single source.  Where any of them flow less than the rest, those holes would create a greater restriction to abrasive flow, and thus, see more material removal.  After several flow cycles, they would tend to even out in size and flow capability.

What about Extrude Honing a hydraulic body with a lot of intersecting holes?

Media can be flowed through many passages at once.  In some cases, the targeted intersections can all receive abrasive flow and be deburred and radiused at the same time. In other cases it could be necessary to isolate certain intersections to insure equal flow. Either of these options are targeted during the R&D phase and implemented during the manufacturing of the fixture.

Can Extrude Hone increase the flow capacity of a cast impellor?

The cast surface of the blades on an impellor can be polished to generate a more laminar, more efficient flow and bring into closer match, the dimensions blade to blade, in the process.  This not only will improve the flow capacity; but will help with balancing.  This is helpful, especially where the piece turns at high rpm.

How do you control the amount of material removed?

Primary variables are the tooling, the media flow pressure, the viscosity and abrasive concentration of the media.

The tooling is a holding fixture that directs media flow to the target area of the part, while protecting areas where abrasion is not desired.  Media flow pressure available has a range of 200 to 2000 psi.

The media carrier, silicon rubber, comes in three basic viscosities:  high, medium and low; while the silicon carbide abrasive ranges in size from the fineness of baby powder to the coarseness of buckshot.

All these taken together are manipulated to produce the desired result on the workpiece.  For this reason, each and every application destined for Extrude Hone AFM has to be engineered and developed.

What dimensional tolerances can Extrude Hone hold?

We can hold tolerances within 1 – ten-thousandths of an inch (.00001).  A human hair is approximately three to four thousandths of an inch in diameter (.003-.004).  That is some 30 to 40 graduations of the tolerances we can hold.

Yes, we do.  How much material removal depends on the roughness of the surface at start, the inner dimensions of the passages being processed, type of material, etc. An average machined finish would require removal of approximately .0015 inch of material.

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