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In Memoriam of Edward W. Melendez 1951–2012

Edward Melendez was one of Extrude Hone AFM’s founders and was world renown and highly respected throughout the industry for his extensive knowledge in Abrasive Flow Machining as well as Mechanical and Combustion Engineering. Mr. Melendez was an instrumental and driving force behind the growth of AFM while specializing in particular with educating on the benefits of the process for Aerospace and Commercial manufacturing, the Die & Mold Industry, Surgical and Semi-Conductor manufacturing to name a few.

W. MelendezMr. Melendez is also responsible for pioneering Extrude Hone into the Automotive Industry. In 1974 after processing a Two-Stroke motor component for a McCulloch Chainsaw, to the customers surprise they noticed a 30% gain in power. Thus, the term “PowerFlow” was born followed by thousands of motorsports components, hundreds of magazine articles all leading up to Mr. Melendez’ appearance at Ford Headquarters in Detroit 1992 alongside Extrude Hone Corp. CEO Larry Rhoades, Tom Kohut and others from EH Corp.
He was asked to give a presentation on the benefits and efficiency gains of Extrude Honing their induction components, which specifically led to the first ever production vehicle to use the EHAFM process, the Ford SVT Contour.

This moment was one of the true culminations and understandings of the EHAFM process throughout the Auto-Industry and beyond.

From humble beginnings in Gardena, Ca, Mr. Melendez believed in hard work that is just what he did by turning Extrude Hone AFM into what it is today. We can only hope to continue his Legacy with the same passion and innovation as him.