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AFM Process

Our abrasive flow machining process is totally customizable to your needs.

AFM ProcessAFM ProcessDuring abrasive flow machining, the abrasive media flows through the workpiece, effectively performing erosion. Abrasive particles in the media contact raised positive features on the surface of the workpiece and remove them. The media is forced through the workpiece by a hydraulic ram, becoming a flexible file or slug that molds itself precisely to the shape of the workpiece. The highest amount of material removal occurs in areas where the flow of the media is restricted, as the flow speed and pressure of the media increase in these areas, facilitating a higher material removal rate. The pressure exerted by the media on all contacting surfaces results in a very uniform finish.

The rate at which material is removed from the surface by the abrasive media depends on several factors:

AFM ProcessWorkpiece:

  • Type of material
  • Hardness of material
  • Quality or density of material
  • Size and amount of passages to be processed


  • Media flow rate or speed of each pass or cycle
  • Media carrier viscosity: high, medium, low, or different combinations of 2 will change the characteristics of the media's effectiveness on different materials and hole sizes
  • Abrasive particle size: ranging from a fine powder-like 1000-grit to 8-grit comparable to small rocks or gravel
  • Abrasive concentration per pound of media

You Control the Process

AFM is a controllable machining process. You can control the media flow rate and pressure, volume, and type of media, media temperature, and, consequently, the amount of material that is removed. For any given application, the surface finish improvement, radius generation and/or stock removal can be determined and monitored to ensure repeatability.

Get a Customized Solution for Your Application

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