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Abrasive Flow Deburring in Atlanta GA

Our abrasive flow deburring in Atlanta GA can finish metal parts to the most exacting standards

A 100 percent perfect manufacturing process has not been invented yet. Even the most high-tech methods can leave behind microscopic burrs and other imperfections. When it comes to removing these imperfections, the traditional methods of manual deburring and electrochemical deburring often leave a lot to be desired--especially if you need a highly precise result. The good news is, you’ve found a better alternative at Extrude Hone AFM. We can provide abrasive flow deburring in Atlanta GA to:

  • Reach any internal or external edge, slot, hole, or passage with a non-reactive media
  • Handle cross-drilled and intersecting holes with ease
  • Work on any type of metal such as titanium, Iconel, aluminum, copper, bronze, etc.
  • Provide roughing and finishing in one pass
  • Remove material uniformly without altering the geometry of the part

How does abrasive flow deburring achieve all this?

Abrasive Flow Deburring in Atlanta GAAbrasive flow deburring in Atlanta GA is a purely mechanical process that works by controlled erosion. The first step is to identify the passages or surfaces to be deburred and then create a tool that will direct the flow to these areas. Then, we select an appropriate size of abrasive grit and viscosity of polymer media to carry it. Because the media is under pressure, it expands to fill the passages entirely, resulting in an extremely uniform finish. Our expert staff understands exactly how to control this process by creating the right set of parameters for the job, based on:

  • Type of metal
  • Media viscosity
  • Abrasive particle size and concentration
  • Media flow rate, pressure, and temperature

Now you might wonder…

What are some ideal applications for abrasive flow deburring in Atlanta GA?

Abrasive Flow Deburring in Atlanta GAAbrasive Flow Deburring in Atlanta GAAbrasive flow deburring in Atlanta GA can be customized to the exact specs of just about any project, whether you require aggressive surface removal or just bit of honing. But there are some industries where it is used more often. For example, Extrude Hone AFM frequently does work for:

  • Aerospace: When it comes to aerospace applications, precision is of the utmost importance. It makes sense to continue to use abrasive flow deburring in Atlanta GA to finish all kinds of aerospace parts, as this highly precise method was actually invented for aerospace in the first place.
  • Automotive Engines: Whether it is air or fuel flowing through the passages in an engine part, any turbulence is going to decrease efficiency. Using abrasive flow deburring in Atlanta GA, we can reduce turbulence and increase flow up to 25 percent. This in turn encourages more complete combustion for better fuel efficiency, power, and performance.
  • Food Processing Equipment: Burrs can contaminate food products with metal if they snap off during processing. They can also trap food particles long enough for them to spoil, introducing bacteria into the product. Treating parts with our Ultra Pure abrasive flow machining process can prevent these issues.

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