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Internal Deburring in Boston MA

Rely on Extrude Hone AFM for highly precise internal deburring in Boston MA

Whether parts are made by conventional machining, casting, EDM, or laser sintering, the surface finish won’t be perfect. Instead it will have some amount of pits and burrs, especially in the hard-to-reach internal passages. Our internal deburring in Boston MA is ideal for creating a smooth, uniform finish. We can help with parts you’ve made yourself or with aftermarket finish improvements on parts like automotive manifolds.

Now you might be wondering…

What’s So Bad About Burrs?

AFM ProcessFor some applications, tiny burrs aren’t such a big deal. But when precision performance is required, burrs can cause big problems if they:

  • Alter or restrict flow, thereby impairing performance
  • Cause stress resulting in premature parts failure
  • Break off and cause foreign object damage in the system
  • Cause unnecessary damage to skin and tissue in the case of a medical component
  • Harbor bacteria that could compromise a food processing application

The good news is, you can easily grind away burrs and improve your parts with Extrude Hone AFM internal deburring in Boston MA.

Expert Internal Deburring in Boston MA for Every Industry

AFM ProcessAFM ProcessWhether you need internal deburring in Boston MA for EDM manufactured parts or for 3D printed metal parts, Extrude Hone AFM’s precision processes can provide the exact results you want, every time. The basic process involves passing an abrasive-laden polymer media over the parts of the metal to be deburred. This will grind away any raised burrs as well as any cavities in the metal. Because we have created a diverse range of polymer media capable of carrying different sizes of abrasive grit and delivering different effects at different pressures, we can achieve anything from light polishing to aggressive surface removal in just about any metal. Our process reaches places that hand tools can’t and provides consistent results that can be duplicated on dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of parts.

The flexibility of our process has allowed us to provide precise internal deburring in Boston MA for the most exacting of industry applications, including:

For Reliable Results on Any Metal, Trust the Pros at Extrude Hone AFM

In many applications requiring internal deburring in Boston MA, it isn’t enough to just remove the burrs. You also need to be sure that the internal geometry of the part is perfectly preserved. This means you can’t choose just any contractor to assist you. Instead, you need an experienced company like Extrude Hone AFM. After over four decades of experience with this process, we know exactly how to provide the exact right amount of polishing to any metal, including both soft metals and hard to machine super alloys.

We’ll get your part deburred properly and on the time and cost basis we promised. If you would like a quote on a possible job or simply have a question for us, please call (562) 531-2976 now or submit an online query.

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