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Internal Polishing in Charlotte NC

Improve all kinds of metal parts with our highly precise internal polishing in Charlotte NC

No matter which method may have been used to create a metal part-from EDM to laser sintering to casting-it is bound to have surface imperfections. Imperfections on the walls of interior passages can be especially problematic. Tiny burrs can cause cavitation damage in an engine or even cause illness when used in medial or food applications.

Should you just accept these problems?

Of course not.

Extrude Hone AFM’s internal polishing in Charlotte NC offers the ideal solution.

Internal Polishing in Charlotte NCAfter many years of experience, we have refined our abrasive flow machining process to deliver highly precise surface improvements. We can remove a lot of material or a little, but we always ensure we stay within your specs and preserve the geometry of the internal passages. This method of internal polishing in Charlotte NC is vastly superior to hand tools because it reaches every internal surface and removes material uniformly. The result is a longer lasting, better performing part.

Here’s How Internal Polishing in Charlotte NC Works:

  • Internal Polishing in Charlotte NCInternal Polishing in Charlotte NCWe find out which passages you want to polish and create a tool that will direct the flow to these passages while protecting other parts of the workpiece.
  • We determine what size of abrasive particles are needed to complete internal polishing in Charlotte NC on your specific part. Options range from gravel-like 1000 grit to powder-like 8-grit.
  • We mix the grit into the appropriate media, choosing the viscosity and concentration carefully to ensure material is removed from the part at the desired rate.
  • We load the abrasive-laden polymer into the workpiece, using a hygraulic ram to ensure that it passes through at the correct speed and pressure so that the desired amount of metal is removed from all contact surfaces.

This process is highly customizable and flexible, allowing for precise and predictable internal polishing in Charlotte NC. As a true expert in this process, with experience dating back to 1971, you can rely on Extrude Hone AFM to recommend the perfect parameters for your job. We are familiar with all kinds of metals including Iconel, titanium, aluminum, bronze, copper, and more.

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