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Abrasive Flow Machining in Dania Beach FL

Extrude Hone AFM offers expert abrasive flow machining in Dania Beach FL for all your metal parts finishing needs

Do you need to remove burrs from the holes or passages in a metal part? For simple applications, such as large holes or simple passages, manual polishing or electrochemical deburring might be sufficient. But the more complicated the shape of your part, and the more exacting the specifications for the interior geometry of the part, the less satisfactory these methods become.

The good news is, you’ve found a process that can help at Extrude Hone AFM:

Abrasive Flow Machining in Dania Beach FL.

AFM ProcessAbrasive flow machining in Dania Beach FL works kind of like liquid sandpaper, utilizing an abrasive-laden polymer media to essentially erode away unwanted metal from the workpiece. This process offers several important advantages over other finishing methods:

  • The process can be used on any metal including titanium, Iconel, copper, aluminum, bronze, and other alloys
  • Hidden slots, convoluted passages, and cross drilled holes can all be finished with ease
  • It provides roughing and finishing in one pass
  • Tooling can be created to selectively direct flow to the areas or passages requiring improvement
  • We can control different variables in the process to meet your exact specs

Uses for Abrasive Flow Machining in Dania Beach FL

AFM ProcessAFM ProcessAt Extrude Hone AFM, we have developed a huge variety of polymers for use in abrasive flow machining in Dania Beach FL, from ultra-thick formulations to thin ones capable of flowing at nearly the speed of sound through very thin nozzles. This gives us the flexibility to provide all kinds of services including:

  • Radiussing: Edges of discs and blades can be finished to a high standard to enhance strength and performance.
  • Surface Stress Relief:EDM recast layers can be removed to eliminate risk of failure on highly stressed components.
  • Polishing: With abrasive flow machining in Dania Beach FL, every millimeter of the workpiece can be polished evenly to deliver the desired surface improvement.
  • Geometry Optimization: The shape of interior passages in engines, turbines, pumps, and hydraulic parts has a big impact on performance. Abrasive flow machining can help smooth and shape passages to optimize fluid and gas behavior. Our process is also ideal for enhancing precision through passage dies.
  • Deburring: Even the tiniest metal burrs can interfere with the performance of a part, or even put human health at risk in the case of burr trapping bacteria in a food processing or medical component. With abrasive flow machining, burrs can be removed without risk of damage or contamination to the passages in the part. The polymer media will carry them totally away.

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