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Abrasive Flow Machining in Houston TX

Extrude Hone AFM offers expert abrasive flow machining in Houston TX for all your metal parts finishing needs

Whether you are producing metal parts yourself by casting, laser sintering, EDM, or conventional machining, or working with aftermarket parts, chances are you are going to need some surface improvements to remove imperfections. If your needs are simple, manual polishing or electrochemical deburring might work. But the more complicated the shape of your part, and the more exacting the specifications for the interior geometry of the part, the less satisfactory these methods become.

Fortunately, Extrude Hone AFM offers a service equal to the most complex needs:

Abrasive Flow Machining in Houston TX.

In abrasive flow machining in Houston TX, a hydraulic ram is used to push an abrasive-laden polymer media through the workpiece. This results in controlled erosion of the surfaces that the media comes in contact with. This delivers many advantages for the finishing process:

  • The process can be used on any metal including titanium, Iconel, copper, aluminum, bronze, and other alloys
  • It reaches areas hand tools and line-of-sight methods cannot
  • Both roughing and finishing can be completed in one process
  • Tooling can be created to selectively direct flow to the areas or passages requiring improvement
  • We can control different variables in the process to meet your exact specs

Uses for Abrasive Flow Machining in Houston TX

AFM ProcessIWith many different levels of abrasion available, abrasive flow machining in Houston TX can be adapted to all kinds of metal finishing needs, such as:

  • Radiussing: Abrasive flow machining can be used to generate continuous, true-edge radii ideal for jet engine discs and other aerospace applications.
  • Surface Stress Relief: By polishing awayEDM recast layers, potential sources of surface stress can be removed to reduce the likelihood of metal fatigue leading to parts or system failure.
  • Polishing: With abrasive flow machining in Houston TX, every millimeter of the workpiece can be polished evenly to deliver the desired surface improvement.
  • Geometry Optimization: The shape of interior passages in engines, turbines, pumps, and hydraulic parts has a big impact on performance. Abrasive flow machining can help smooth and shape passages to optimize fluid and gas behavior. Our process is also ideal for enhancing precision through passage dies.
  • Deburring: Tiny burrs or imperfections in metal components can impede flow and introduce contamination into manufacturing processes. Abrasive flow machining provides an easy way to remove burrs and improve surface finishes on even the most convoluted passages.

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