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Honed Out Motorsports in Placentia CA

Experience the enhanced performance of honed out motorsports in Placentia CA

At Extrude Hone, we’ve been refining the automotive applications of abrasive flow machining for over 30 years. We are consistently at the forefront of our field, delivering superior performance enhancements for honed out motorsports in Placentia CA. We can service parts for the following kinds of race car, muscle car, motorcycle, and high-performance truck engines:

  • 2-stroke, 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 cylinders
  • Hemis
  • Diesels
  • Turbos
  • Aluminum
  • Cast iron

How Our Process Works

Honed out motorsports in Placentia CA involves honing or polishing the interior passages of various engine parts to make them flow better. Extrude Hone enables you to achieve this goal with abrasive flow machining services that can uniformly remove up to 1 mm of material from the most convoluted engine passages.

We can control the amount of material that is removed from your engine part by choosing the viscosity and abrasion concentration for the polymer media that will be flowed through your part. The tooling holding the part and the pressure can also be adjusted. Because the polymer media recirculates the silicon carbide abrasive particles, there is always fresh abrasive at the surface to deliver a highly precise, uniform finish.

Benefits of a Honed Out Intake Manifold

AFM ProcessIf you only want to involve one part of your engine in honed out motorsports in Placentia CA, make it your intake manifold. By honing and polishing its interior passages, you can increase fuel and air flow up to 25 percent. Fuel will burn more completely and exhaust will evacuate more efficiently, resulting in better combustion. This gives you:

  • Increased horsepower
  • More thrust
  • More torque
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Reduced emissions

What About the Exhaust Manifold?

To increase flow in the average engine, you’re better off installing a header rather than honing the exhaust manifold. However, there are three situations where honing could be useful: for races where only stock parts are allowed, for engines that no one is making aftermarket parts for, and for builds where you want only original components.

Get the Best Services for Honed Out Motorsports in Placentia CA

When you need services for honed our motorsports in Placentia CA, turn to the company that pioneered this process: Extrude Hone. We have the best state of the art equipment along with an extensive in-stock inventory of abrasive media.Call us at (562) 531-2976 now to learn more about our process or to get a free quote.

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