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Honed Out in San Jose CA

Get your engine components honed out in San Jose CA to improve performance

Are you constantly looking for the next upgrade you can make to enhance your engine? Consider getting your intake manifold honed out in San Jose CA by the professionals at Extrude Hone.

How Extrude Honing Works

When a part is honed out in San Jose CA, a small amount of metal--about 1 mm--is removed from the surfaces of the interior passages. While this can be done by hand, you’d end up spending countless hours and you may not be able to reach all the interior passages of a given part. Abrasive flow machining is faster and easier. All interior surfaces can be reached and smoothed evenly. The secret to this process is a polymer media that works sort of like liquid sandpaper when passed through the part under pressure. The media is designed to keep the abrasive particles evenly distributed for even surface removal throughout the part.

Benefits for Performance

AFM ProcessAfter getting honed out in San Jose CA, interior passages are smoother, allowing for improved fuel and air flow. This translates into more intense combustion and more complete cylinder evacuation, which can help deliver:

  • Increased horsepower
  • More thrust
  • More torque
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Lower emissions

What Kind of Parts Can Be Honed Out in San Jose CA?

With a few exceptions, most engine parts that air or fuel flows through can be honed out in San Jose CA. We can vary the abrasive media depending on the type of metal in the part--for example, a lighter abrasive for aluminum and a heavier one for cast iron. We frequently hone intake manifolds, as well as exhaust manifolds when there is no aftermarket alternative available. One part that cannot be honed out is the header; however we can put a weld bead on the outside and then smooth down the inner weld to create a better angle for you.

Why Choose Extrude Hone

Extrude Hone pioneered the automotive abrasive flow machining process, which is now accepted and used worldwide to improve performance at top brands including Ford. We understand the science behind the process in detail, meaning we can deliver superior results with the size of the abrasive particles, type of polymer media, the pressure level, and the tooling holding your part customized to your specific needs. Because our results are always replicable, we can hone parts separately for perfect flow matching.

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