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Internal Polishing in Scottsdale AZ

You can improve all types of metal parts with precise internal polishing in Scottsdale AZ

Every metal fabrication process, from old-fashioned casting to cutting-edge additive manufacturing, leaves behind imperfections. These imperfections are especially troublesome when they affect internal passages. They can affect the flow rate of gas or liquid through the part, or even lead to premature stress failure in the case of EDM recast parts.

Should you just accept these problems?

Of course not. Extrude Hone AFM’s internal polishing in Scottsdale AZ offers the ideal solution.

With abrasive flow machining, it is possible to enhance the surface finish of metal parts, without removing so much material that the blueprint specs of the geometry or the internal passages are compromised. Unlike hand tools, our process for internal polishing in Scottsdale AZ can reach deep into every passage, no matter how small and convoluted it may be. The end result is a uniform, consistent finish that will enhance the performance and durability of the part.

Here’s How Internal Polishing in Scottsdale AZ Works:

We create a tool or holding fixture that will direct the abrasive flow to the areas of the part that require polishing.

We select the right size of abrasive grit that will deliver the amount of internal polishing in Scottsdale AZ you need. Options range from gravel-like 1000 grit to powder-like 8-grit.

  • We mix the grit into a special polymer designed to carry it to every millimeter of the internal passages at the correct speed for polishing.
  • We run the AFM process, using a hydraulic ram to pressurize the abrasive media and force it through the workpiece, essentially producing controlled erosion to evenly polish the internal surfaces.
  • This process is highly customizable and flexible, allowing for precise and predictable internal polishing in Scottsdale AZ. As a true expert in this process, with experience dating back to 1971, you can rely on Extrude Hone AFM to recommend the perfect parameters for your job. We are familiar with all kinds of metals including Iconel, titanium, aluminum, bronze, copper, and more.

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