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Internal Polishing in Torrance CA

Improve all kinds of metal parts with our highly precise internal polishing in Torrance CA

Even the most precise manufacturing processes can leave tiny surface imperfections behind. With virtually any part used for any application, imperfections will cause problems. For example, if the part is to be used for food or medical applications, imperfections could trap harmful bacteria.

Should you just accept these problems?

Of course not.

Extrude Hone AFM’s internal polishing in Torrance CA offers the ideal solution.

AFM ProcessUsing our abrasive flow machining technology, we can polish away microscopic pits and burrs left by the manufacturing process to give your parts the high-quality surface finish you require, without removing so much material that the part’s blueprint specs are exceeded. This method of internal polishing in Torrance CA is vastly superior to hand tools because it reaches every internal surface and removes material uniformly. When we’re done, your part will have the high-quality surface finish needed for optimum performance and durability.

Here’s How Internal Polishing in Torrance CA Works:

AFM ProcessAFM Process

  • We create a tool or holding fixture that will direct the abrasive flow to the areas of the part that require polishing.
  • We choose the appropriate grit for the job. Typically, for internal polishing in Torrance CA (as opposed to aggressive surface removal) a fine grit is needed.
  • We select a media to carry the grit, ensuring the viscosity of the media and the concentration of the grit are ideally proportioned to achieve the necessary surface improvement.
  • We push the abrasive media through the workpiece using a hydraulic ram, causing it to fill the internal passages entirely and remove material from all sides of the passages.

Obviously, a great deal of customization is possible with our internal polishing in Torrance CA. You can rely on our expert staff to help you select the right options for achieving the desired finish improvement on your part, whether you are working with a hard metal such as titanium or a softer one such as aluminum.

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