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Unlock Machinery Performance with Extrude Hone AFM Surface Finishing!

If your business involves machinery, you know that the devil's in the details. For things like fuel, air, oil, and even food flowing seamlessly, every tiny surface matters. That is where Extrude Hone AFM comes into the picture. Simply put, we are the best friend your machinery has been waiting for!

What is Surface Finishing All About?

Machinery surfaces have small imperfections that can cause ripples of inefficiencies. If you have rough and unfinished surfaces, your machinery will not be as efficient. That’s because they hinder flow, risk contamination, and if bacteria get into those nooks, there can be trouble! Plus, any unpredictable wear and tear or damage can be blamed on those sneaky microscopic, jagged edges.

The good news is that surface finishing can fix that. When you send your components to Extrude Hone AFM, we can work our magic. The result? A component that’s closer to its original blueprints with improved precision.

Numbers Don’t Lie: The Surface Boost

Expect some solid metrics post finishing wen you utilize surface finishing from Extrude Hone AFM. In fact, typical finish improvements consist of:

  • 16-18ra improved to a 3-4ra
  • 32ra improved to a 8ra or better
  • 64ra improved to a 16ra or better
  • 125ra improved to a 63ra or better
  • 300ra improved to a 125ra or better

Simply put, we deliver results that are tailored to your needs and specifications.

But Wait, There’s More - Extrude Honing!

At Extrude Hone AFM, we are about more than just surface finishing. Our forte? Extrude honing and abrasive flow machining. No matter your industry, be it aerospace, automotive, or even the delicious world of food processing, we've got you. From gears and turbines to helping with EDM recast removal, we’re the go-to wizards. Need specifics for your industry? We've got the lowdown.

Who Gets the VIP Pass to Extrude Hone AFM?

Pretty much everyone! Titanium, Inconel, super alloys, or even the tricky-to-handle ones. Aluminum, bronze, copper – we handle it all. After finishing by Extrude Hone AFM, each component will be performing at its best.

Gear Up for Peak Performance with Extrude Hone AFM!

Your machinery deserves that flawless surface. It's more than aesthetics – it's about peak efficiency, durability, and an edge in the industry. Got a question? A component ready for a makeover? Or maybe just intrigued? Contact us at (562) 531-2976 to discuss how Extrude Hone AFM can redefine your machinery game. Our experts are ever ready to guide, discuss, and provide that custom estimate tailored just for you.To learn more about the reliable and quality extrude hone porting services that we offer, visit us on the web.