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What can Extrude Hone AFM do for my Automotive Business?Extrude Hone AFM has served many industries in California, Texas, Nevada, and Arizona since 1971. For decades, we have assisting companies with improving their processes by providing excellent quality abrasive flow machining services. The industry areas we serve include:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Food processing
  • Hydralicus
  • Medical

If you have an automotive business in the southwestern portion of the United States, consider what Extrude Hone AFM can do for you!

Why send automotive parts to Extrude Hone AFM?

Extrude honing parts can make a noticeable difference in the flow rates for a more efficient, successful combustion of the automotive mechanism. While only a millimeter of material is removed in the extrude honing process, you’ll see immediate results after sending your part to Extrude Hone AFM. While we can effectively extrude hone various automotive parts, if your budget is limited, you should know that the most important automotive part to send for Extrude Hone AFM is the intake manifold.

Horsepower improvement

When you send your automotive part to Extrude Hone AFM, you can expect an increase flow capability of about 25% in almost all cases. The exact horsepower increase will depend on how your combination is configured and tuned, but you can expect a noticeable improvement in horsepower.

Interested in flow matching?

Many automotive business workers request that their parts be flow matched. While it’s impossible to bolt together parts during the extrude honing process, we can make sure they’re flow matched by matching parts to the gasket. This causes them to have the same dimensions after the extrude honing process is complete.

Ready to get started?

If you’d like to go ahead and send an automotive part to Extrude Hone AFM, great! Feel free to get a free quote and request service by calling (562) 531-2976, emailing, or by sending our staff an online message here. We have 13 service locations throughout the southwestern portion of the US, so it’s very likely there’s one near you!

Typical turnaround time for your part to be extrude honed part varies depending on the material of the part. Aluminum parts are generally finished within 7–11 business days, and cast iron parts can be finished within about 3–4 weeks.

Before sending you part to Extrude Hone AFM, please make sure your disassemble your component and remove any electronics. The extrude honing process will be accomplished on the bare casting, so the part should be stripped of any extraneous materials before being sent to Extrude Hone AFM.

If you have any more questions, please be sure to check out our automotive FAQ page here. View some photos of our automotive AFM machining process here.

As always, please give us a call at (562) 531-2976 if you have any other questions, request an estimate, or request service now.