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Extrude Hone MediaThe media Extrude Hone AFM uses for each project is specially formulated to achieve the intended purpose. It’s customized for each job so it performs exactly as required. So if you’d like a workpiece to have delicate finish honing or aggressive surface removal – or both – we at Extrude Hone AFM can definitely make it happen.

Fully customized media

Extrude Hone AFM invented the AFM process, which utilizes media that’s a plastic, abrasive-laden polymer with rheological properties. These properties allow the media to selectively and in a controlled manner abrade surfaces that it flows across. Depending on the various abrasives used in the media, their density, and the pressure placed on the media, our AFM experts customize can achieve any desired result during extrude honing. We can achieve a wide range of results from fine extrude honing and polishing to aggressive surface removal – and everything in-between.

Always fresh particles for consistent, controllable results

What’s special about the media we use – aside from its ability to be customized in nearly infinite ways – is that is suspends the abrasive particles uniformly while at the same time, allowing them to recirculate through the media. This means that there’s always fresh abrasive material working on the surface of the workpiece. As a result, the media utilized in the AFM process yields a consistent and controllable cutting tool interface that produces uniform surfaces and edges of absolutely precisely perfect quality.

Viscosity varieties

Our media formulations are simply incredible. Our clients are always amazed to see the difference in the performance of their workpieces after going through the AFM process. Each media is custom-formulated to achieve the exact intended result. Viscosities vary from extremely hard and durable to materials thin enough to flow at just about the speed of sound through a 0.5mm nozzle. Yes, that’s a huge range, so whatever you need done on your workpiece, our AFM experts will analyze the workpiece and formulate media to achieve the exact intended result.

Rheology profiles

We also have a tremendous variety of rheology profiles for each media formulation. Some media materials are much thicker at rest than in use, and others react to movement the opposite way. Abrasive grain sizes we implement in our AFM processes range from a fine power (1000-grit) all the way up to very rough 8-grit ones. No matter what rheology profile your media has, you can rest assured that it will flow through your workpiece with perfect ease. Every media we at Extrude Hone AFM use has the remarkable ability to flow without clogging or separating. It won’t separate or break down after continuous cycling and working either.

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Our incredible attention to detail when custom-formulating every media used in each AFM project is one main reason why companies send us workpieces from all over the world. Are you ready to find out more about our patented AFM process and get a custom quote? Every project we do is uniquely formulated, so when you call (562) 531-2976 or email to request a free quote, we will get back to you as soon as we can.