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Quality Abrasive Flow Machining in Fort Worth TX

Quality Abrasive Flow Machining in Fort Worth TX

Are you interested in abrasive flow machining in Fort Worth TX? The good news is that Extrude Hone AFM offers quality abrasive flow machining in Fort Worth TX for you to take advantage of!

What is abrasive flow machining?

Abrasive flow machining is a process that involves pushing an abrasive laden substance through a workpiece using hydraulic pressure. The end result is a perfectly radiused passage, polished surface, and deburred component.

The benefits of abrasive flow machining over other finishing methods are:

  • With the right abrasive grit and viscosity of polymer media, AFM can be used on any metal from titanium to aluminum
  • Hidden slots, convoluted passages, and cross-drilled holes can all be finished with ease
  • Both roughing and finishing can be completed in one process
  • The entire workpiece need not be finished--we can direct flow selectively using the tooling
  • The process can be controlled with incredible precision to meet your exact specs

To learn more about whether abrasive flow machining is right for your product, give us a call today!

What are the uses for abrasive flow machining?

There are several uses for abrasive flow machining. These include:

  • Radiussing the edges of discs and to enhance strength and performance
  • Removal of EDM recast layers to eliminate the risk of failure on stressed components
  • Polishing of complex shapes and internal passages that meet your exact specifications
  • Abrasive flow machining can help smooth and shape passages to optimize fluid and gas behavior to improve precision through passage dies
  • Deburring and removal of imperfections in metal components that would otherwise impede the flow

If you would like to know how abrasive flow machining can help your process, our skilled team would be happy to talk it over with you.

Can you customize the results of abrasive flow machining?

Yes! The great thing about abrasive flow machining is that you can customize and control your results. At Extrude Hone AFM, all of our methods are customized to achieve your intended results. We can customize the media flow rate, pressure, volume, media temperature, and type of media to alter how much material is removed and deliver the end result that you want. By sending us a replica of your workpiece, we can create a customized process that ensures precise repeatability for the first run and all future runs!

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