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Internal Polishing in Kansas City KS

Improve all kinds of metal parts with our highly precise internal polishing in Kansas City KS

No matter which method may have been used to create a metal part-from EDM to laser sintering to casting-it is bound to have surface imperfections. Imperfections on the walls of interior passages can be especially problematic. They can affect the flow rate of gas or liquid through the part, or even lead to premature stress failure in the case of EDM recast parts.

Should you just accept these problems?

Of course not.

Extrude Hone AFM’s internal polishing in Kansas City KS offers the ideal solution.

Internal Polishing in Kansas City KSAfter many years of experience, we have refined our abrasive flow machining process to deliver highly precise surface improvements. We can remove a lot of material or a little, but we always ensure we stay within your specs and preserve the geometry of the internal passages. Even the most convoluted passages that could not be reached with a hand tool can be reached and uniformly improved with our internal polishing in Kansas City KS. After the process is complete, you will have a stronger, more reliable, better-performing part.

Here’s How Internal Polishing in Kansas City KS Works:

  • Internal Polishing in Kansas City KSInternal Polishing in Kansas City KSWe find out which passages you want to polish and create a tool that will direct the flow to these passages while protecting other parts of the workpiece.
  • We choose the appropriate grit for the job. Typically, for internal polishing in Kansas City KS (as opposed to aggressive surface removal) a fine grit is needed.
  • We mix the grit into the appropriate media, choosing the viscosity and concentration carefully to ensure material is removed from the part at the desired rate.
  • We load the abrasive-laden polymer into the workpiece, using a hygraulic ram to ensure that it passes through at the correct speed and pressure so that the desired amount of metal is removed from all contact surfaces.

Obviously, a great deal of customization is possible with our internal polishing in Kansas City KS. Drawing on our many decades of experience polishing all kinds of metals, including titanium, Iconel, super alloys, aluminum, bronze, copper, and more, we can create the perfect custom process just for you and deliver reliable results every time.

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