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How Extrude Hone AFM Improves Hydraulic Systems

Do you utilize hydraulic power? Then you need to know about the benefits of sending your hydraulic parts to Extrude Hone AFM. Whether you work in the agricultural, amusement park, automobile manufacturing, cheese manufacturing, coal mining, or any other industry that depends on hydraulic systems to keep operations running smoothly 24/7, find out how Extrude…
July 4, 2016
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Finish Your Precision Dies with Extrude Hone AFM

AFM is used by more than half of the world’s manufacturers of precision through passage dies. It’s an incredibly beneficial process that ensures your dies are in peak condition and perform effectively at all times. Advantages of sending your precision dies to Extrude Hone AFM for finishing include: The Extrude Hone AFM process produces a…
June 19, 2016
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Send your Machinery’s Key Components to Extrude Hone AFM this Summer

This summer, consider how could your machinery work more efficiently and effectively. One guaranteed way it could be improved is by sending some of its components to Extrude Hone AFM. Utilizing abrasive media, our extrude honing process polishes and finishes surfaces and meticulously removes material in even the hardest to reach areas. Fully customizable extrude…
June 4, 2016
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Extrude Hone Media

The media Extrude Hone AFM uses for each project is specially formulated to achieve the intended purpose. It’s customized for each job so it performs exactly as required. So if you’d like a workpiece to have delicate finish honing or aggressive surface removal – or both – we at Extrude Hone AFM can definitely make…
May 26, 2016
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Extrude Hone AFM: The Leaders in Abrasive Flow Machining

Did you know that Extrude Hone AFM has been in business for over 53 years? That means that we’ve been the leaders in abrasive flow machining for over 40 years. Wow! That’s quite a long time. So if you’re wondering about how our process could improve the performance of your machinery, read on – and…
May 20, 2016
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Send your Turbines and Pumps to Extrude Hone AFM

Now is the time to send your turbines and pumps to Extrude Hone AFM for expert service. Extrude Hone AFM is the nation’s most relied-upon service for complete extrude honing services. Why send turbines and pumps to Extrude Hone AFM? There are many benefits to sending turbines and pumps to Extrude Hone AFM. Our patented…
April 24, 2016
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Surface Finishes and Materials

Many industries depend on Extrude Hone AFM to finish the surfaces on machinery they rely on every single day. Our surface finishing services are critical for any passageway that must continuously perform efficiently. If fuel, air, oil, food, or blood is flowing through your machinery, you want to make sure its surface is absolutely polished…
April 10, 2016
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Abrasive Flow Machining in Torrance, CA

Do you have any metal parts that could benefit from abrasive flow machining? Extrude Hone AFM is your premiere source for abrasive flow machining service in Torrance, CA. Get a free custom quote for your potential project today by calling Extrude Hone AFM at (562) 531-2976. Or email if you’d prefer to contact us…
March 21, 2016
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Extrude Hone’s AFM Tooling

Extrude Hone AFM is all about providing excellent extrude honing services to our clients located throughout the US. We’ve been serving companies in many different industries for over 53 years, and we look forward to many more successful years of service. One aspect of Extrude Hone AFM that we’d like to highlight on this blog…
March 12, 2016
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Extrude Hone AFM Makes Surgery Safer

Did you know that our process at Extrude Hone AFM makes surgery safer? For over 53 years, we’ve been making surgical procedures more exact, and thus more safe through extrude honing. Read on to find out why Extrude Hone AFM is so important to the medical, and specifically the surgical, field. More precise surgical operations…
February 17, 2016
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